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Saturday Night Special

Well She's party was fun. I have to admit her Mom's description that it was an ADD party was pretty well on. Their was food galore, a bar outside, a pool tournament, 2 blackjack tables, and massages upstairs. Plus some small games with the DJ. It was most people from her networking event. I was surprised I knew many people and made some quick friends. To get with the action I played some blackjack. I'm not a gambler, but we all got $1000 free. It was fun, but after a while I figured I blow my money and grab a massage. Tell you I couldn't get rid of my money. At $21k I finally just folded. I was like this is never going to end. I then went upstairs to relax. I got a hand massage while waiting for a chair on. I've given enough hand massages to finally get one of my own. She wasn't a professional just someone trying to help. It was okay. The massage was okay. I've had better, but hey it was free. The funny thing was She has 2 massage chairs up there also. One lady looked like she was getting more of a massage than most by her face. I wish I had a camera. After a little more talking I headed out for dancing with friends.

An interesting side note was that anywhere I go I usually meet someone that gets my Monday Motivations. I know I have 300 people that it goes out to, but it's still funny to find out something I started out a year ago to have grown so much and people just love it. They share with their friends, forward to their employees, and even some print them out and save them in a book. Who knew?

I knew where Chevy's was so it was easy to find. I walked in a was asked for a $5 cover charge. Friends told me there would be known. I look around and see that I am first so I grab a drink. A $4 coke. Hey I'm loving this place. I've been fucked twice in 2 minutes. So I sit to wait. I grab a table by the door so I can see who comes in and has a view of a TV. It's NASCAR which I have no interest in, but I stare at it anyway. Now I haven't been in a nightclub for I don't know how long. Two sizes too small halter tops and belts around the waitresses asses was the norm. Actually one waitress the belt wasn't covering everything. I noticed because it was hypnotizing me with her gyrations to the music. Anyway 1 1/2 hours later there is still no sign of anyone. The place has filled up pretty well. There are many attractive women around, but for some reason there all smoking. I look around at the guys an not many are smoking. Weird. I do have to admit the ratio of women to men is about 3:1 which would be good if they weren't smoking. Since the place is huge I figured I wander around and see if anything is worth staying for, but atlas no.

I think I'll stick to the Latin dancing. No matter if you are alone or with someone you're interacting with everyone.

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was this party at someone's house? "Massages upstairs"??? Sounds kinda dirty.

It's so weird to read about smoking in a nightclub (or any indoor public area). There are smoking bans here at home and in NYC and FLA where I spend a lot of time. I have gotten so use to it, I can't stand smoky bars anymore.


A house warming party ACG. Sorry no happy endings well except for that one lady on the massage chair. I thnk she was almost there.

This is VA. Tobacco is still king and the law to ban was shot down.


Ick..ick..ick!! Smoking is gross and yucky and completely unattractive for anyone to do. I got spoiled in Cali with the whole "no smoking anywhere" thing, and GA is trying to catch up but their non-smoking law allows for any business that makes less than 25% profit from the sale of food to have smoking inside (i.e. all the bars are still full of smokers) so I just don't go.

It does seem weird that it was mostly the girls smoking, wonder what's up with that. But I'm glad to hear you had a good time at the Housewarming party, despite the "No Happy Ending" massages. ha..ha...ha..! :)


still a lil weird to have a "massage room" going at a housewarming.

And stranger things have happen... Oprah beat the cattle ranchers in Texas.

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