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Question to You All

I know Smile Girl has my number since she had me call her in the club and she saved it. I'm not to big of a fan of the second call. I can be a hard ass that way, but am I being too much of one? 36 hours later and still no return call. Do I try again Monday or just let it lie?

I guess I ask cause I have to admit I really enjoyed my time with her. Her smile was very intoxicating.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Dont do it. This is the way I see it. And I am going to be straight to the point being that I now have balls and all. I understand that some people love playing games and there are apparently rules and regulations for the dating game. but how I see it is, if you are REALLY into the person who toss the rules out. You have already done your part. The ball is in her court. Dont call her the second time because......well, us ladies are a little crazy and the more you chase after us the more difficult some of us become. TRUST ME.


I don't know nuthin about rules, but is she waiting for you to call or are you waiting for her to call?

At any rate, if she said she would call and she hasn't, all I can give you is Rita Rudner's advice to women about men who don't call:

If he hasn't called, it's not because he lost your number or because he's been arrested or has been in an accident or is in a coma. It's because he just didn't want to call you.

Find someone else to think about. If she calls, she calls.

Or else, just call her. :)


Hmmm, I wouldn't call again. if she's interested she'll ring you back, and if not, well then there's your answer.


Thank you one and all. It's what I thought, but I know I can be hard line sometimes and need a reality check.


36 hours is too much... I think that is rude/not a good sign...

BUT it depends on the message that you left !

Did you ask her to call you back --or is she ASSUMING that you want to take the whole macho puruer role, and thinking that you want to be the one to take action again ???

Loving Annie

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