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Multiple Orgasms

The afternoon was slow at the office. RP Girl was around so we started chatting. We both were bored and after the usual crap people talk about the subject turned to sex. Nothing like sex to tweak up a conversation. Anyway the conversation went all over the place and finally landed on things we liked. I told her I loved going down on a woman. She asked a few questions and I told her I had been a little frustrated with L. She asked why and I replied cause L would only allow me to give her one orgasm before pushing me away. I like to at least go for 2-3 which satisfies me. I really didn't think anything about what I said until I heard her whimper. I looked at her and her face was in shock. (I think her boyfriend is really going to be working his tongue out tonight). She was like wow to have a bunch of orgasms together. I added then to have sex afterwards was really fun. I kind of lost her their in her own daydreams.

However it got me thinking. Now women can have mutiple orgasms and we men are jealous as all hell. However if you have been blessed with them how come women aren't taking advantage of them. I mean if you have legs go out and run. Maybe it has just been the last few women that I have information on that has skewed the bell curve. What are your comments?

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Oh honey, I take FULL advantage of every orgasm I can eke out!


Teri - You go girl! That's what I like to hear.


Finding a man WILLING to take the time and having the consideration to give me multiple orgasms is a rarity, Mike !

Not all guys are that unselfish -- or skilled enough to care what rocks your world - and do it time and again !

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