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Still Legal!!!!!!!!!!

Well it was an adventure in divorce court this morning. Since I've never been to Norfolk court and I know how problematic Virginia Beach court can be I wanted to get there early. So Landlord and myself got there and it was a breeze. The had information people that were right on the mark. So we ended up waiting a while. However I started getting tense the closer it got to 10 with no sign of an attorney. So at 10 I walked in hoping I could do it by myself. Thankfully at 10:15 a fill in attorney walked in saying my attorney was stuck on a criminal case down the hall. So we quickly did the paperwork and went back in for the fun to start.


1) no sign of the separation agreement

2) Landlord can't attest to my ex not being in the military

3) judge doesn't like the wording in the document

So we step out to wait. I'm freaking since no one in Virginia can attest to anything on my ex and getting someone down from NY would be almost impossible since it can't be my ex. After a while we are called back in.


1) since the agreement isn't part of the complaint we drop it with no further problem (cool)

2) the judge accepts Landlord's here say testimony that my ex is not in the military (thank you judge - 2 down)

3) She doesn't like section 6 in the papers and wants it rewritten and resubmitted.


The good thing neither Landlord nor I need to return, but I will do so to make sure. Now the next problem is seeing if my attorney will try and bill me for his removal of his words. So I am in a weird state with hopes not yet fufilled.

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Yes, Virginia is a weird state to be in. :)


Well, you can probably count on the fact that the attorney will bill you. They bill for EVERYTHING. I think it's some sort of sport with them.

Sorry to hear you didn't get your expected closure today. Any idea how long the rewrite will take?

Grrrrrrrr. The legal system bites!


So wait, I am confused. What does the militery thing have to do with the divorce?


Oh geez!!! I hate, hate, hate it when the soon to be ex causes problem. Augh! WTF?? Is she trying to stick you for something? I means seriously. What? She wants your damn pizza delivery tips? What? WHAT does she want????

Hey M - military is important because of the Federal "Soldiers and Sailors Act" which means if she were in the military she could say "no..I don't wanna be divorced cause I'm over here serving my country..etc..etc..." and viola' *No Divorce*. It was put into effect for bad people who were screwing our military members while they were deployed but it gets abused, just like all the other laws. Sooo..gotta prove she's not military.

At least..that's what I had to go through...how bout you Mike? Different explanation?

Good luck man!

Sooo..question...do you tell people you aren't divorced yet - when it comes to dating I mean. And if so...how do they react? I'm curious.....


Very frustrating ! Almost there....


Suzq - I doubt long just getting it on the schedule. Yeah I know I'm screwed with a bill, but hopefully I can talk him down.

M- see Cinn

Cinn - most women hate it and won't touch me. They want no connection. I can't blame them. Most people are only separated a year and in that time people get their act togther and youleave them alone. I may be way past that point, but I'm treated as such.


was she claiming she is in the military?

i thought she signed the divorce papers??? there is more after that???


Yeah... I can see that. I would be hesitant to actually get involved with someone who still hadn't had thier divorce finalized. It doesn't matter how long people have been separated, lived apart, etc... there is something about needed to know that the marriage is "officially" over according to the legal system.

Otherwise, it's just...worrisome. If nothing else, it would make me worry for you. Technically, until the ink is dry on the final decree, the ex can always come at you with "adultery" if you have any kind of relationship. Which is just scary!

Good luck man, seriously. But I'm way proud of you for being honest with potential dates!!!

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