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The Forgotten Story

A story I forgot about from the weekend was when Eric and I stopped at Pathmark to get some food for dinner. We're walking out and heading to the car when someone excuses them self behind us. I turn around and it's this guy on a bike. I smell panhandler. He tells me he and his daughter are homeless and could he have some money. I remember her and that they were hanging out on their bikes in front of the store when I walked in. I told him I couldn't help him. Now I've dealt with panhandlers from the Bronx and all the ones we have down here in VA. I've heard all the stories. I really think their is a website out there somewhere for the stories since they all seem to get them after a while. Anyway this guy doesn't let up. He ask for change. I say sorry. How about back in the car. Sorry. Anything? At this point my son chirps in that he'll check his pockets. The guy says no he couldn't do that, but he doesn't leave anyway. Eric only has lint and papers in his pocket. This guy is annoying me and I feel like telling him I work 2 jobs and I saved up to come see my son. If you think you're getting a penny of it you've got another thing coming. Anyway we walk away and I tell Eric that he did a nice thing.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I just give them money anyway. I don't have time to be trying to figure out if they deserve it or not.

I know if I only had the things that I deserve, I'd be lying in the gutter starving! :)


Good Weednesday afternoon to you, Mike,

I usually see if there is a fast-food place real close by, and I'll go get them some food.

Or if I have it, an extra dollar or two.
I dunno, I always think 'What if it was me ?"

Of course, I'd be out working, but...

But then again I gae a woman $20 years ago when she gave me a real sob story about needing milk for her baby, and then she whipped out an huge roll of bills - she must have conned people out of at least $500 bucks.
That stopped me for a while.

Glad that you enjoyed the writing on my erotica blog, Mike.
Thanks for the comment !
You are always welcome to cyber visit --

Loving Annie


Omigod! Is that what I need to do to get the $500 I need?? :)

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