Going Sane in a Crazy World

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Sane Friends

When Worlds Collide

Phili is very entertaining with her stories. I mean sometimes it gets into real flights of fantasy, but hey I enjoy a good story. Famous people, places, the whole ball of wax. Every time we're talking we get a story. Sometimes instead of an answer to a question we get a story. The problem is that while Phili is highly imaginative, the Landlord is highly logical. When you get these two together it's like worlds colliding. He's trying to bring order to her chaos which only creates more fantasy. The cycle keeps going and going and going. I sat through an 90 minutes of this at the dinner table tonight. I like when I'm eating and talking with someone, but getting these two together is like oil and water. Neither one of them is easy going so it just gets out of hand.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

So, this place you live, is it strictly for crazy people?


Like the old saying goes, "you don't have to be crazy to live here, but it doesn't hurt."


I know families like this and the easy going one, you in this case, sort of gets stuck in the middle, and it turns very uncomfortable. You seem to have been able to avoid this. Good save. ~Mary

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