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Sane Friends

Treated Like Royalty

Well this week is turning out interesting. Phili is cooking me dinner. I'm always happy not to cook, although I do enjoy doing it. I have no idea how good a cook she is so if I never make another entry you know what happened to me. From all the sounds going on downstairs, I have no idea what she's doing. Although I know she doesn't know where everything is in the Landlord's kitchen. My only prayer for her is that she puts everything back where she got it from and she doesn't use his special knives.

Friday Phili is taking me to a baseball game. Hey if I can get her to give me a massage I'll be in heaven. Again if you never hear from me again she went Glenn Close on me, so remember me fondly.

I have to admit sometimes I feel somewhat ghoulish. I had several patients call me today since they hurt there backs badly. I seem to make a living off other people's suffering. While this happens most of the time I'm happy of those that come to see me for preventative measures.

Lastly I think I'm going to need to call my computer friend to come look at my work computer. Boy is that machine heating up these days. He fixed a mutual friends laptop of the same problem.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Almost glad my cats woke me so early so I could read this. Seriously. I had a lot of trouble with the idea of making a living off the suffering of others when I worked with children with cancer, AIDS,MD & Cystic Fibrosis. What do you say to moms whose children are on beepers waiting for a heart/lung transplant? Excuse me, Maam, but you need to pay your $15 copay?

But then someone would bake us cookies, or call to tell us how much more pleasurable we made the situation for their child, a little girl would draw me a picture, or a Dad would send a note thanking us. We didn't make a living off the suffering. We helped to bring healing, and compassion to the people who needed it most.

That is what you are doing as well. ~Mary

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