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Tidbit Tuesday

I see in this economy that I'm keeping my 1/2 off the initial visit for my cash patients. People are trying to save money on anything they can and it helps get them in the office. I'm happy that my patients have been referring others which has been helpful. However my business group has slacked off and I'm not quite sure why. I usually provide about 25-33% of all referrals out of 20 people so I'm not slacking.

For the next 24 hours I have a bunch of networking events so I'm hoping to get some good contacts. I've been lacking getting more strategic alliances the last few weeks. The people I've been meeting haven't been calling me back so I've haven't been able to set anything up. On the opposite hand it's funny that the people who do know me, know that I'm the go to guy. So when something is needed they know to call me and I can hook them up.

I was up before Phili this morning so I didn't have to deal with her sounds. I have to admit its a crap shoot if she's loud or not. I may have to put post its all around the house since she's so flighty. On all other things we seem to have settled in to a room mate routine of the usual daily questions.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
I hope you don't have to resort to post-its ... wouldn't that be strange? I'm trying to imagine what your post-its might say: "Friendly Reminder: Stop clunking around in the morning!"; "Don't Forget: Keep your Yap Shut!" Maybe you could add a smiley face or something for good measure ...

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