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Sane Friends

Prank Phone Calls

I feel like Catherinette when I do something like this. Anyway this is the phone call I got during my lunch at Wendy's.

ME: Vanella Chiropractic. How can I help you?
??: Who is this?
ME: Vanella Chiropractic.
??: Is this a construction place?
ME: No ...
??: What do you do there?
ME: This is a chiropractic office.
??: Mike?
ME: Yes ...
??: It's Phili. I had this number in my phone and didn't know who it was.
ME: (Laughing)
??: How's your day going?
ME: Okay. How about you?
??: Okay. Talk to you later.
ME: Bye.

LMAO. Well it did make lunch interesting.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

WOW, she is definitely a character.

I didn't know that Chiropractor and construction sounded similar.

After you said "Vanella", I am surprised that she didn't try to order vanilla ice cream.


Sounds like one of my blonde moments!

At least you had a good laugh over it.

Have a beautiful evening.



Hmmmm ... Phili is starting to sound silly ...


Well, now she knows, AND, you have her number to put into your phone. :)

I don't usually answer mine if I don't recognize the #. Then again, yours is also your business line, apparently. That'd be different. Mine's just personal.

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