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Phili went out with someone from work tonight to celebrate the completion of there project. So dinner was just the Landlord and myself. Both of us are still trying to figure out how crazy Phili is. His reality break with her this morning was when he was pouring some coffee grounds into a container so he could take with him. I've seen him do it before and it's a light tapping sound. He said she came tearing downstairs saying the sound was someone breaking into her car. With me she asked this morning if I heard someone throwing up earlier. I hadn't heard a thing. I was also surprised she didn't ask the Landlord since he's the only other person in the house.

We both know she's not totally in the world of reality. Also we're realizing that all her activity is really just hyperactivity. I'm wondering if she was sexually abused since the really short outfits aren't really appropriate except for clubbing. That may also account for this hyper vigilance that she has. I'm happy to sense that she's not dangerous, but is missing a few screws.

I was surprised to find out the the Landlord had been babysitting Inverse's daughter for the last couple of days. More so that Inverse would ask. I know that Landlord likes her daughter since she's very creative and likes to learn. Since Inverse has terrible grammar he's hoping the daughter doesn't pick it up.

I was also surprised to find out that Inverse is going back to school full time for cosmetology at the end of the month. So she asked the Landlord to babysit her daughter for 6 weeks until school is out. He hasn't decided yet. So I guess Inverse isn't out of our lives yet.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
What does your landlord do, seek out women with psychological issues? Does he rent them rooms with padded walls or something? Sheesh ...


Okay, I can't believe that after all this Inverse drama and after not getting paid, he agrees to watch her daughter.

He is just asking to be taken advantage of. I wouldn't be surprised if he never gets back rent.

Sounds like your landlord has a few screws left.

Phili may be hearing things, but don't discount it so fast. It's possible you didn't hear the same things.


Well, if Landlord wishes to be a good (and stable) influence on the little girl, even if just "every Monday" or something, or even supposedly for small pay (well, it should be but he won't get paid I suppose, then hey, good for him. He'd be doing it for the little girl, really, who is innocent in all this.

I DO hope that Inverse can better her life. And Phili, well, at least she's not dangerous, eh:)

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