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Sane Friends

Well Dress Me Up & Call Me Sally

Facebook girl asked me to meet her for Starbucks tomorrow. I figured when she said no Friday we would just be talking online with some flirting thrown it for good measure. I had chalked her up to just a fun online friend that would never pan out. Well I have to admit she has initiated everything. Hopefully she doesn't leap across the table onto me. I have to admit I'm not expecting much. The weird thing is it's her birthday, but that's actually why she has time since she's off. I sent her a birthday card on Facebook and gave her a Christmas goose a few days late. What can I say it's the romantic in me.

Another woman was flirting with me, looking for a guy for a nice woman. However she's on the peninsula in the Planner and Tech girl's neck of the woods so no thank you. Also she just broke up from her cheating BF. I don't think so not even for rebound sex. Is it the holiday season? Am I in season? Are there posters of me tacked around town?

Speaking about Tech girl, she emailed me back today thanking me for the contractor information and hoping I had a good Christmas. It took her a little over a week, but I knew she was becoming really attached to me. Hopefully we can still be friends. She finally RSVP'd for an event although it was one that I said "no" to. Whether that played into it or not I'm not quite sure.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Tech girl e-mailed you back to thank you and wish you well ? Sounds like she still has feelings for you and is holding on to a thread of hope that you might change your mind about her.

In my humble opinion there really isn't such a thing as "just being friends" with someone I used to to date. Just rife with ulterior motive.

But good luck with Facebook Girl. I hope you enjoy the date.


Hey Mike, good luck tomorrow. Let us know the results.

Between you and Charmaine's escapades, why I can hardly contain my excitement and anxiously wait for your next posts!

Estela in South TX


Oh, I've 100% been able to be mutual friends w/ a former date, sometimes even former beaus. It just all depends.

Well, happy birthday to Sally's date ;) lol

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