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Sexual Bonding

While my relationship probably won't last with Tech girl. I had decided to make a decision once the holidays were over since this not the time of year to break up. While we may not be bonding on other issues we seem to be bonding over sex. While I enjoy sex probably more than the next person I in no way want it to be the only factor in my relationship. Even 20 years ago I didn't want that, but their was a greater chance of me accepting it. Nowadays sex seems easier to get while I'm dating. I had a relationship with the Latina that was all sex and nothing else. While fun it really loses it shine fast with me since I really enjoy the relationship. I know I'm not the normal guy and I accepted that fact a long time ago.
Anyway Tech girl blushes pretty easily if I say something sexy which is interesting because when we're in bed it's a different story. So we started at massage lotion and are up to handcuffs and whip cream. It's her ante and I wonder what it'll be.

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Now that sounds promising...

Have fun!


Whew, is it hot in here?! Fanning myself now........ Ya just don't know with some people until you get there. Hey, you did say that you liked her, and if you are both enjoying things and all in the meantime, yes, waiting until the new year to figure it out sounds like the best plan.

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