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Sane Friends

Relationships Are Important

That was my big flashing insight today at my business class. I know relationships are important, but business wise I don't do all that I can do. So I upped the ante today with birthdays. I always send birthday cards so I added in today calling to wish them a happy birthday also. An extra minute or two out of my day, but I know it will make a big difference in someone elses. I didn't sing today, but I may do it next time. Not quite sure if that will make it worse?

Someone was trying to guess what Tech girl looked like. Well she was in the singles pics from the weekend. So I cropped her out to show you.
I texted her this morning about how I was looking forward to seeing her. I see that she is slow on responses. However she agreed and hoped my day was good. It will be a little weird seeing her at the event then going out with her. I'm not quite sure how to act.

6 people had cathartic therapy:

Well, I wasn't spot on about her looks but she's cute!!!


it will be fine tonight.. have fun!


Just be your charming self...


keep it light. she's probably wondering the same thing!


ps... lookie lookie... your blog won an award from WomanInTheGlassBox!


Thanks for the feed.....I love your blog and you too..lol!!

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