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Sane Friends

Message From Rip Van Winkle

Well out of 15 hours I slept 12 of them and I feel good. The change in my schedule over the last 2 weeks, early morning meetings, and late nights with Tech girl wore me down. So it was good to sleep the sleep of the dead last night. I feel like a new person. One thing that was interesting when I woke up before falling back to sleep was that I missed the Planner. It made me feel better about my decision with Tech girl. It reminded me of the connection I've had with other women and what it felt like.

It's a mad, mad world out there as many people hurry scurry for presents for the holidays. Most people I talk to say they wait this long for great sales, but I have to admit I'm not seeing them in the papers. Even Circuit City which is closing after Christmas still has nothing to write home about while Best Buy is stating they can't match their prices. What BS.

Tonight is belly dancing with the singles. Many people have backed out until it is just me and another guy who is a big no show. I had fun last time so I'll probably go myself, but it would be nice to enjoy the show with someone else.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Sheesh ... you had a whole group lined up for belly dancing and everyone else backed out?!? Are they chicken?


Belly dancing at a singles group ! That sounds fun and sexy ! If they had one in my area, I would put on the damn show !

Too bad most people didn't show. At the same time, it is holiday season and people are probably too busy or two broke from shopping and spending time with family.

Hope you have a merry Xmas.

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