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Guys Night Out

Belly dancing went better than I thought. A few extra brave souls made it. Again it was a guys night out even though women say they want to see it. All and all it was 4 of us. We had fun. I thought they would have 3 dancers like last time, but one woman disappeared and they only had two. The show was still very good. The funny point was when the second dancer was doing her sword dance. While balancing it, she went down. It was slow motion and she didn't drop the sword. So kudos to her.

The great thing about the event is it's still happy hour so its .35 wings which were yummy. One of the guys who admitted that he doesn't get out much made a comment about the waitstaff outfits. I told them they work for tips so showing skin goes with the territory. I remember when I use to salsa and go to the clubs. I never knew how the bartenders and waitstaff kept their breasts in what someone might call a shirt.

Yes to all that asked that was a picture of my niece.

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