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I think Senorita may be right. While I enjoy my time with Tech girl I still don't feel any deep connection to her. I enjoy seeing her, but if we didn't see each other anymore I would be okay with it. So I'm in a quandary with her. I'm finding there has to be some kind of spark there for me. Whether that's healthy or not I don't know, but I need something more. It's like CPA girl again. We had values and beliefs in common, but it's not enough to build on. So with Tech girl I'll give it another date or two to be certain, but I'm not hopeful. I know myself when that corner turns it's a done thing. In the few weeks that we've been dating I've met or seen women that sparks have been there. The big thing is that this would be the first woman I've broken up with since I split from my ex. Since then I've always been the dumpee.

I finished my first insurance interview today. It's where they go over your profile for the year. They gather all the information of you from how you bill and compare it to everyone else. As it stands now I have a lot of good stuff, but they didn't like how I did exams or physical therapy. Bottom line. You're billing too much for these and if you continue you'll be flagged as a problem.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

In terms of your dating portion of this entry, well, yeah, DUH. I mean, gosh, you're new into the relationship with her, and even pleasurable sex has you writing posts on how you don't have you feeling bells and whistles with her? The way I read it is that it's nice, but not the whole enchilada. But, um, don't dump her right before Christmas, or, maybe wait until after New Year's if y'all have plans already.


Yikes! Robin has a point. Nothing worse than being dumped during the holidays!

Maybe... slow things down. A slow taper off perhaps?

At least you won't keep her hanging on if you're not feeling it. Its not fair to her either.

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