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What Freakin' Day is It?

Yeah it's only taken me about 5 hours to realize that it's Wednesday and not Friday. I was really starting to wonder why certain things weren't happening. Oh well mystery solved all because of those damn kids.

As predicted it's in the 60's here today and very nice. I can wear a Santa hat to keep me comfortably warm with no need for a jacket. As usual the stores are crowded as people start shopping. I was talking to someone yesterday that hadn't started for his family or GF. Sorry pal I can't do business with you if your personal relations like this suffer. I have to admit I love my area. You know it's good when you can walk into a store on Christmas eve and even though there are crowds it's not a madhouse.

I tell you I awoke anxious today about making holiday phone calls. I have no idea why since I can't think of one bad reason. However it feels like moving bags of wet cement. I did a bunch this morning, all to good results. Everyone liked my Christmas card.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Mike, having the same problem here with remembering the day of the week. My problem is due to being laid up with this silly broken ankle and not being able to do much. I keep having to ask my daughter what day/date it is. It surprised me to hear that this morning was Christmas Eve!

Estela in South TX


LOL @ cute card. We are having our regular Christmas day weather in the Valley. It will be 85 degrees. LOL... Hate it.

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