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Sane Friends

The Talk

Tech girl and I had a fun time tonight. We had some sushi and hummus with crackers while we played games. Talking and learning more about each other. Kissing and hugging was scattered through the evening, but the kisses felt off from Sunday.

So after we finished everything we relaxed on the couch which ended up being a make out session. At some point she wanted to stop and stated that she was anxious. So we talked. Her point being that we were developing in a good direction, but didn't want sex to change that. This came up since last time if I had a condom we would of had sex. I don't bring protection along until we've had the talk since it saves any embarrassment on having them around. Anyway I agreed with her since I had thought that yesterday. I think I was talking to someone else about relationships and sex when it hit me that we were going pretty quickly. Then I remembered the sooner you had sex the greater the chance the relationship would be short term. So we both agreed to wait. No limit was set though which could be a problem since just before I left we were hot and heavy again.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Cool! How very exciting though!!!


Are you looking for sex or for a relationship?! You move fast.

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