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Passing Time

I suggested seeing a patient after hours tonight since I knew she worked late and was in excruciating pain. However sitting here for hours has been a drag. The one thing that has made it fun has been texting and flirting with Tech girl. Some how we've suggested spanking, garters, lots of hugging and kissing, and being on Santa's Naughty list (which she says she's already on). It may be cold outside, but I'm toasty here. We might have to pass on the museum Sunday.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

I hope things work out for you and the tech girl!


I love "the chase." I think it is the best part. LOL... Unfortunately, I don't like getting caught.


I hope this relationship goes past the fireworks bouncing all around and inside you, LOL.


good luck... this is the start of all the fun!

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