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Is it Hot in Here?

I ended up being on the road a lot today. All my appointments were in the morning today. I had my day planned out with calls, gym, library, singles, etc. Well I joined Freecycle over the weekend. It's a free organization that works to prevent excess stuff in landfills. Pretty much people are always getting rid of stuff. Sometimes they bring it to the thrift store, but mostly they toss it out. With Freecycle you just post it and if someone wants it they come and pick it up for free. I learned about it from one of my patients. So this morning that had a bunch of business and marketing books to give away. When I emailed the lady had waited too long since the movers were there already. So after my last meeting I ran down to the southern part of the city. It's a beautiful day for a drive. While it's in the 40's the sun is bright and strong. Mapquest took me through a new part which ended up being horse country. Hey, who knew? Anyway it turned out to be 3 boxes and looks like some really good stuff.

Anyway since I was down there I hit Panchero's on the way back for a burrito bowl and a full tummy. Since no one seems to have Two and a Half Men on sale I ended up getting myself Seinfeld season 8 for Christmas.

Since I needed to make a bunch of holiday calls I decided to abandon my office for Starbucks. Even though I would be here again tonight I needed to get out and into the world. People seem pleasantly surprised by the call. For me they aren't getting any easier. I had to take a break since I was about to break into a sweat. This is probably hitting a low self esteem issue, but phone calls are rough although personal ones seem to work out great. This is like dating. Rejection in the dating world doesn't even make me blink, but in the business world I take the rejection to heart.

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