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Doctor's Rant

I haven't talked to my brother for a few weeks so I called to see what was going on in there neck of the woods. Like everyone they are struggling to make the same amount they were making. As business owners it's hard life right now. Anyway my niece has been sick, nothing major just the bug that is going around. The scary thing is that the school nurse checked her hearing and she couldn't hear out her right ear. She was rechecked a week later and the problem is still there. Taking her to her pediatrician she has fluid in her ears. He wasn't concerned and said it would clear up in a few weeks. WTF! She hasn't been able to hear for 3 weeks. To have so much fluid in your ear that you can't hear anything is BAD. Also diseased fluid eats bone. My brother asked my opinion and I gave him some home remedies, but suggested a trip to an ENT. I hate doctor's that tell you not to worry. While I don't condone scaring people. Letting them know the severity of a condition, plus in my opinion blowing them off really pisses me off.

On other news I went over to Panchero's today to use some of my gift card. It's in the southern part of the city which is 30 minutes from me so it's a special run. I never have to go down there which is good. I was really surprised. I got their burrito bowl and it was yummy.

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Is that your niece in the pic with the bird? She's a cutie.

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