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I had some more awareness today of what my business coach points out to me. Since this was the end of the month I finished up my stats and May was the 2nd busiest month of this year which is really good. However it didn't feel that way since my collections were not where I wanted them to be. Last month was a crap month for visits, but collections were excellent so I felt like it was a good month. My emotions drive me and all the work that I did this month that paid off I'm not feeling it. So it's easier for me to lag off and then I start on the up and down roller coaster again.
My weight loss patient came back today which I was happy to see. I was also happy to be able to use all my addiction training to help her with her stuff to help get her back on her wagon. It's a good feeling.
Then I was off to our annual BNI picnic. It was a lot of fun. I got to be on the radio again and they gave me a hat for all my hard work which was nice. It's kind of funny. Everyone knows me as this big networking person, however I'm a shy guy. Let me tell you I don't like these events with talking to everyone. I'm good with all the people I know and I know I do very well with the people I don't, but boy is it just a lot of work. The best person I met today was this old guy I thought of looked like Santa. Turns out that's who he is. He's a professional Santa Claus. It was pretty funny. A few people asked about Mt. Trashmore. Yes it was a city dump which they turned into a park. The big mound there is the big pile of trash.
Afterwards I headed over to Server guy's place for a BBQ. We hung out by the pool talking then cooked up some burgers. We talked about life and the different women in the singles group.
Now I'm home and I'm just beat. All the sun and fresh air has relaxed me and I'm ready to drop

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