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Sane Friends

Won't You Stay a Little Bit Longer

My hike with L last night went very well. It was low tide and we were able to walk on packed sand which is a hell of a lot easier than loose sand let me tell you. Trevor the dog got to be unleashed for a while which wasn't a good idea since he took a swim in the bay and would need a bath afterwards. I got to hear all about L's dates with guys. I was just happy that I was in a place of friendship that I was able to obtain last week.

Lawn boy is no longer landscaping so I have no idea if a new name is needed for him. I guess I'll see what he becomes. He's been out at church every night so I haven't seen him since Monday.
I tell you these early morning meetings are starting to be a drag. This morning was my neighborhood business meeting. While I'm tired from it, I am very happy to be part of something bigger than myself. This movement is picking up momentum so I'm happy. Whether anyone else besides my coach and myself will do any work still needs to be seen. Like most things people are talking, but no one is doing anything.
It was funny one of my friends from college is on Facebook with me. I posted my recent beach pics and she emailed me wanting to know what I was doing to myself since I looked the same as I did 15 years ago. I personally think I look better, but hey that's just me.

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