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Sane Friends

Sunny Saturday

It was a great morning in the office. If one patient hadn't cancelled I would have been booked solid which would have been a first. So number wise the week ended well, but collections were still down which sucks. Especially when I can almost see the surface and break through the debt wall when another debt comes due and pulls me back down. Getting tired of it and at times feel like curling in a ball about it. I just need a little more each week to start balancing out. I was looking around for a part time job, but the economy must really suck cause there isn't much there. We're a tourist city and for the last few weeks there has been no tourist jobs and we just went in to the summer season. WTF?
Today was the annual Strawberry festival. Each year I'm asked the same question of "why do you go to a strawberry festival if you don't like strawberries." Well there is plenty else to do. I've been going for 4 years now and this year they added a lot more. The dog show was one of them as was many more crafts. The usual pig races, food, and bands were all there. The singles and I had a blast, although I think I got sunburned on my neck. A spot I forget a lot until it's too late.
Tonight I'm meeting up with an old friend that is visiting from Colorado. A bunch of her friends, me being one of them are meeting for drinks. I don't know anyone which I never really like doing even though I handle myself in these situations every week. Just an old tape playing that I don't seem to get rid of.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

The economy sucks ass. I hope you get a job soon.

Glad you enjoyed the strawberry festival. I love strawberries.


I meant to say, I hope you get ANOTHER job soon, as you already have a job.


And, maybe w/ tourist season, there will be more and more free activities you and the singles group can do, so you're putting out less money for entertainment? Paying my dogs vet bill had me almost short, but I figured my hairdresser was likely counting on me not canceling out on her. So, I found a way to pay that, too, and yanno what, I even feel better for the haircut:) But, sometimes, yeah, BTDT. You always make it through, and you're working on your strategies. One day, one week at a time!

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