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Phili Exposed

In cleaning up her room the Landlord found Phili's expired registration for her car. When I had asked what her last name was a while ago he couldn't fully remember and I never followed up. So seeing the registration I saw her last name and Googled it. I was surprised how much stuff had her name. I know she did a bunch of plays, but she did some kind of movie in Philly so her name is on every movie site out there. I even found little videos of her acting. Boy was she young looking then which wasn't that long ago. What I did find that was interesting that I didn't know about, but the Landlord knew some was when she took her son to Florida. I guess the custody agreement said the child couldn't be taken out of state. She was arrested by the FBI and given 5 years probation. From what I could get is in that time she wasn't able to see her son. It's also what started her moving around. Interesting stuff.

Lawn boy is suppose to be getting his key to the house today. I haven't met him yet, but he's 25 and from Massachusetts. He's given up on his business degree and is working landscaping now. He offered to work minimum wage on the yard to be taken off his rent. The Landlord said that was a big thing in deciding if he would be accepted or not. He'll be taken Phili's old room so I have a neighbor again.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
Good God, I guess "Lawn Boy" is better than "Lazy Boy."


You guys should install a revolving door on the house!


Yard work in exchange for rent ? Me thinks he'll end up slacking off soon, eventually putting the landlord in a bad situation...AGAIN.

Doesn't this man ever learn ?

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