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Sane Friends

Monday Changes

Since the ex and I have been doing well lately I texted her this morning on Eric flying down by himself. It would save me hundreds of dollars over the summer with bringing him back and forth not to mention the time. She said she would ask him and get back to me ASAP.

I'm on a mission to get my abs in better shape. While the rest of me is in good shape my abs have always been something I wanted better. With hiking with L every week and a bike ride another day I've covered my cardio which I knew needed work.

I seem to be getting better contacts this week. So I'm working on them as soon as I get all the contact information. I felt very popular this morning when I looked at the reports for my newsletter going out. Usually it takes 3 days for everyone to open them. I send out about 378 and 62 to get opened. However I'm already up to 55 on a Monday which was great. Hopefully new people will be opening them.

Other than that I'm trying to work on how to get the most out of my radio interview next week. Since there is no shelf life it's all or nothing.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Hiking is always great exercise, I wish I had a hiking partner. It's not really safe to hike alone where I live.

Good luck with the ex, I hope she stays nice..........

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