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Sane Friends

Free Falling

Well I have 24 more hours till I'm on the radio. It'll be an experience, but I still don't have what I'm going to talk about planned out. I had hoped to drive people to my website, but I'm having a hard time getting a email sign up button installed. I use to use the websites, but it's not worth the money. So I'm using another site, but for some reason they can't hook it up do to the flash. Whether this is true or it's sour grapes is beyond me. So I might just be talking about the office.

I'm teaming up with HHC lady to try and get more from the senior market in the area. While it's not a lot of money for me, it would help fill the holes in my day until I can install higher paying customers. For HHC lady it's her main business so she wants a doctor on her team. My problem is that I can sense she's codependent and as always I love a crazy chick. I'm happy to say that she's married so I have a natural barrier against asking her out.
Speaking of crazy chicks I do miss Phili. I realized this last night. While she was very wacky, we did get along very well and joking was big between us. So I miss that camaraderie at night.

Doing all this extra networking by going out to meet business people in the neighborhood had tired me out. So I think I'm going to leave work early to grab a Starbucks and veg out. So I can go home and think of my script for tomorrow.

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