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Sane Friends

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I talked to Eric today to find out how his Halloween was. You should of heard the sound in his voice at how much candy he must of collected. It was great. I was happy he fun and was able to go around with friends. I remember that from when I was young and it was a great feeling. Hopefully my ex won't all his candy on him.

Eric has moved on from Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh cards and onto Tops baseball cards. I was wondering if the day would come. Since I'm not a sports fan the previous two types were much more up my alley. So I'll start including baseball cards with my weekly letter.

When I first took over the organizer position of the Singles group I was dating Law girl. It was a move to take care of myself instead of catering to someone else which worked out well since she dumped me a few weeks later. I've always pushed it as an activities group instead of a dating pool although the Photographer is the third woman I've dated from our group. At times I feel like our group is becoming a Beverly Hills 90210. Never really watched the show, but my ex did. The thing that always stood out was the incestial like dating between them all. I bring this up since the first person I went out from the group was the Florist. She was a headcase and it was only one date.

Gameboy dated her for a while afterwards. Then afterwards dated the Stylist. Recently he started seeing the Photographer. It never really got off the ground because they didn't see each other that often. So the Photographer said last night that she needed to make sure the Gameboy knew it was over. I feel bad with this. I probably should feel good that I've been chosen over another, but I think its my low self esteem rearing its ugly head that I'm not worthy enough. It's all crap, but I need to say it all to make it go away.

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Another example of the interfriend dating thing is the sitcom Friends. I think it's just the singles environment that encourages everyone to date within that circle.

On another note, how cool was that..the overnight stay. I was so delighted to hear you guys could sleep together without pushing for more until you were ready. I didn't know guys like you still existed (It's a compliment hon)...(Hugs)Indigo

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