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Sane Friends

Pants of Fire

Okay I'm a liar and I'll admit it. Writing that I thought the Photographer and I were over has made me very sad. I have free time until the afternoon so it's just me and my emotions. Right now there not the greatest companion since they're morose. As you may or may not know, emotions and I aren't fully acclimated yet. I know the basics of them, but all the fancy descriptions still escape me. Since for most of my life I've suppressed them and now dealing with them it's always a strange beast on my back.

So I wonder today if she will make contact or not. Will I get a Dear John email like L and Law girl or will it just be silence like the Planner. I thought she was a person to take things like this head on. Who knows I could be worrying for nothing, but this is how I feel now so I run with it.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Seems most men have trouble connecting with their feelings. Why is that? Were you not allowe* to cry as a boy?

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