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I was over reading Scream Quietly and Indigo was tagged to do a meme. While reading it I knew I was going to be tagged. Jeez hold on a sec I need to go get the rules. Hey I'm a guy I don't read them.

link to the person who tagged you * (See above to Bears Den) list 6 random things about yourself * tag 6 new people * let each tagged person know by posting a comment on their blog * link to the 6 people you've tagged * and let the person who tagged you know that you posted. Easy enough....

Since I'm pretty much a open book with my blog I'll try to pick out the bizarre stuff very few know.

1. I was a virgin when I met my ex at age 22. Moving so much while growing up and especially in high school I never attached to anyone. Time just moved on.

2. I have a brother named Mike (we have different fathers). The joke in the family is that my Mom only knew two names. Mike and Frank. Since their is three of us Frank would be the next name used.

3. "Get Back" is my favorite Beatles song and has been since I was 3. I always use to ask my brother to either sing it on his guitar or play the 45 when I was young. If you ask my why I couldn't tell you, but I just enjoy the song very much.

4. For the first 3 years after I split from my ex I lived beneath or at the poverty level which always mystified people with me being a doctor.

5. At the worse part of my marriage my ex physically beat me. I allowed to happen once, but it was the catalyst for change in my life so it would never happen again. She tried several times afterwards, but I always stopped her and stated I would call the cops so she could cool off in jail.

6. I'm a junior instructor in Wing Chun kung fu and Arnis (filipino stick fighting). With it I've done security for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

Sorry I don't do chains so I'm not going to tag anyone. However if you would like to pick up the torch and run with it let me know.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Awesome thanks for doing this. I knew there were some interesting things in the knooks and crannies we didn't know about you. Thank you for telling us about your ex being abusive too. Not alot of people realize that goes on.

I went below the proverty level as well after my last divorce. I gave up everything, just so my daughter could remain in the same upper middle class upbringing she had. I didn't want anything for myself...it was a low point for me.

Gotta say I am surprised you picked up the torch and did this, got to know you a little better for the effort. Thanks again hon! (Hugs)Indigo


You are an extraor*inary man.

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