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Well I picked up my birthday present for myself. It was the only thing I wanted. Two & Half Men season 3. Lo and behold it was on sale this week. Really can't afford it, but I've learned that I have to pay myself first. I will happily short change myself, but when I have bills unpaid I will work my mojo to get extra money to pay it off.

I got a free dinner in the mail for my birthday at the Silver Dinner so that will be my place of choice Wednesday. It'll be nice to have a special free dinner. Not quite sure what I'm doing for Thanksgiving yet. German girl suggested asking the singles. So I put a poll out there to see who would be alone. There are too many oddballs in the group. When mixed with everyone else at an event it balances out. However a room full of them and I would rather spend the time alone. I may track down Single since she said she was volunteering to deliver food to seniors.

I have a Tai Chi event today with the singles, but people have been flip flopping more than a landed fish on whether they are coming or not. My rule is always choose something that I'll enjoy so if no one shows I still enjoy.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I was going to suggest the possibility of volunteering for a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving Day. At the very least you will get to feel like your making a difference.
Learned something new about you with the 2 and half men. (Hugs)Indigo


The Valley is like living in Mexico. Grrr @ very limited shows to watch here... mostly Spanish. Everything else is snow. LOL... I am a great believer in buying your own gift for your bd. LOL

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