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A Message to Winivere

I started this as a response to Winivere's question, but it became so long that I figured I'd make an entry out of it.

I did a psychological evaluation a few years ago to help someone out. The doctor came back and told me I was too sensitive. I laughed in her face when she said that and I told her that I was the opposite. She said that was why. I never learned how to deal with my extra feelings. While crying was okay in my family. Being taught how to handle strong emotions were not so ignoring is what I did.

Men in general are not taught how to handle their feelings nor in our society is it encouraged. The only place it is accepted is sports and that's why you will see many get so emotional. It's the only outlet that is socially accepted. I've seen men not shed a tear for the loss of a family member, but cry like a baby when their team loss.

Individualism is buzz word for men which is a real handicap. We were brought into this world by the actions of others and people do the best with the help of others. However for men it's be strong, be tough. Have enough fortitude and willpower and you can move the world. It's just not true since all you do is make your world smaller as you push more and more people away from you that could help you. However that is counter-intuitive from what we are taught. For a woman this may seem hard to accept since women bond in groups. A big stressor for women is not having that social network. While men on the other hand are lone wolves. They are stunted emotionally to form those connections. So the stereotype come out, "hey how's those Mets?"

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I know all that psyche stuff already, Mike! LOL... What X-tra feelings, Mike?!# Feelings are just feelings. It's ok to let them out. That girl just wasn't "Mike worthy!" Stupid girl. LOL... Corn flakes...


(Thinking strangeness)k, you were a bit serious...in a good way. Winivere was fun. Just a strange mix of emotions on one topic.

My input: I would rather have a guy who was able to give the emotional in any circumstance. I never brought the tough guy bravado. All I've ever seen that kind of thinking do is make men mean.

Your not a mean man Mike, I'm glad your willing to express yourself. That doesn't make you anything but human. (Hugs)Indigo

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