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It's Over

It took me another 5 hours beyond the 3 yesterday to finish painting the office. The trim and doors took the longest, but I have to admit it does look good. The place is still a disaster area. I don't have anyone on the books yet for tomorrow so I'll clean up and put everything back then. The biggest pain will be removing the paint stains from the carpet. I'm hopping the stuff I got works because even with the better improved drop clothes a few accidents did happen. What I'm really happy about was that their wasn't much of a paint smell today from yesterday. On the other hand I could use a weekend to relax because I'm fuckin' tired. Holy hell do my thumbs hurt from using a roller.

The Photographer returns to Virginia tomorrow so that will be good, hopefully. It's a busy week for me and I believe both of us are away again next weekend. So I'm hoping we can get together at some point. I do know she off Tuesday for the holiday which is a really busy day for me in the office. I tell you it will be great to see Eric next weekend, but boy is it hurting the bank account with all the missed visits. Oh well.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Pictures! Pictures! When can we see the Office?! LOL... Thanks for the add! << I pasted d's for ya! ha ha


P.S. Foun* this article for ya:


It explains how to remove the paint.

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