Going Sane in a Crazy World

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Sane Friends

Day 1

I went out with the Singles last night to see Burn After Reading. It was a really good movie, but not a feel good movie so please keep that in mind. I was happy to get out and be with people although I had a hard time being social. Sadness was pretty heavy on my heart.

So I'm going through my grieving process and this morning I have some anger. The Photographer told me she was going back to Game boy who she never officially broke up with. While I agree full chemistry wasn't there for us their was a lot of new stuff that I hadn't experienced before. She has a really good level of communication and physical interaction combined with that really incredible feeling of safety made it very interesting for me. I agree it probably wouldn't have gone all the way for me, but there were things I wanted to experience and learn more of. If Game boy wasn't around I think that would have happened. However when your not the dumper you are usually not in the place you think you are.

So this is day 1 of 41 days of not dating. I think that's how many more days till the end of the year. I have the singles to stay social which will help. However it's going to take a few days to get over not dating anyone to just take the pain away. I KNOW that's a bad way to be, but its in my head.

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Now that just makes me angry. The photographer shouldn't have gotten involved with anyone else if she still had unresolved feelings about GameBoy. I hate when people do that, anyone in between (you) gets hurts in the process. (Hugs)Indigo


One day at a time, Mike. You'll be fine, and you're keeping a good perspective on it. Gameboy, lol, like a play thing a toy's name.....

Hey, no rush needed for dating. You do what works for you!


One day at a a time, Mike, sometimes even one hour or minute at a time...

Finding the healthy thing that fills you up with comfort inside that's good for you helps, but sometimes finding it and doing it right then when you feel anxious is hard, instead of old habits...

The photographer's behavior wasn't very honest - it takes time to really get to know people, doesn't it ?

And yes, it is much easier to be the dumper than the dumpee...

The singles to stay social events will help to pass the 41 days. What else takes the pain away ? Maybe making a list would help ?


I am happy to hear that you went out with your singles group. That's awesome. Also happy to hear that you are angry. Yay @ you ARE in touch with your feelings. You probably just have no clue about how to express them. Need help? LOL

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