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Things that Make me Go ...

I do want to thank everyone for their kind words with the Photographer which really helped me process it all. The funny thing is just disappeared to be replaced with some missing of the Planner. Since that's not a good thing I need to enforce my not dating someone for at least half the time I dated them. I don't miss her in the way I want to date her again, but little things like her smile or something. As usual it's all the good stuff.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Eric. What I found out last night is that this Saturday is his last soccer game. It's the finals to see who is number one. I've never seen him play before so this is awesome for me. I can't wait.

I think I'm losing the ability to write and I already had doctor's handwriting. I'm taking a coaching class and I'm taking notes. While my mind knows what it's writing the pen sure doesn't. I mean I'm forgetting to cross t's. Thinking about it I don't really write anymore. I scrawl my name frequently, but besides that I only write out checks and deposit slips. Everything else I type which I like since I can type as fast as I think which I never could do with writing plus it has the added bonus of being readable.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike
The beauty of this blog thing is that you put yourself out there and people will "listen" to your written words.


You write out checks? I do that all online, whenever possible. :)

Yes, give yourself time this time, please, and oh so enjoy that soccer game of Eric's!

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