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Many have asked about my falling for the Photographer and how did that happen so fast? Believe me I'm pretty surprised myself, but I do know why and it breaks down into a few different avenues. Come on you didn't think I didn't dissect this?

The first is I've never felt as safe as I do with the Photographer. The level of intimacy is high and how we talk is what I'm use to with the closest of my friends.

The other path is the stuff you will probably laugh at, but she's also allergic to dairy and has flat feet. These are two things that do affect my life in significant ways and I've never dated woman with either problem. While it may not seem like much it comes up a lot. The Planner constantly offered me stuff with cheese. It was a mental block since she loved it.

The last is minor. She's a great gaming geek like myself. Has DVD's of Defending Your Life and the Original King Kong just because its a Thanksgiving favorite. You have to grow up in the Tri-state area to get that one.

Anyway I did text the Photographer this morning telling her I was thinking about her and hoping it was sunny down there. She did respond telling me it was beautiful. I told her I was happy for her and was looking forward to seeing her. Again no response. Good, bad, I have no clue. I don't know is she is backing out or if she wants some balance since she has liked me for months. I've told her I just recently seen her in a new light of dating even though I did like her very much. So we'll see.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

You have been so open... The no responses bother me... Coul* there be something she is not telling you?

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