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Ma, What the Hell is That?

After who knows how long, the sun has finally made a reappearance in our skies and it's beautiful. Temperatures are quickly rising to almost 70. It's just great to be outside.

To Bambi, yes guys do worry about the phone reply. Well I know I do which doesn't mean much actually since I'm not your typical guy. However I do fret over not getting a response back and I do thank you for the chill pill. I know part of my problem is not waiting the second month before dating. I went for opportunity instead of sanity. Oh well it wasn't the first time and I doubt it will be the last. I'm still fretting with this, but I'm better with it. I think getting more realistic and better perspective over lunch and seeing other women I could date made it easier.

Okay the office no longer smells like paint so I'm going to paint the waiting room this weekend which will be a real hassles since it has the most furniture in it. I did but a drop cloth so I can avoid any paint on the rug. While I want it done I know about half way through it I'm going to be like this fuckin' sucks. However it will be nice to see the place Monday morning. Since the massage room never sees full light I'm going to hold off in there.

"Love is truly and sweetly blind, reality is unbelievably demanding." - Kingma

I sent this over to my friend Paul this morning since he's having a problem letting go of his old GF even though he was the one to end it. It brings up the age old problem of loving someone very much, but having something in the relationship that is unacceptable. It's hard to let go. I struggled with my ex with this for 5 years before I said no more. Even then I was willing to try again if she got some help. She told me flat out that she didn't see the reason and I was the problem hence why we are no longer together. As the Photographer stated you don't fully heal and grow until you are out of the relationship and boy is that the truth. It was like sun finally hitting my leaves.

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