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Date Worthy in Mike's Book

T had this in her blog the other day and I really liked it. Then Winivere commented on it today so I saw it as a sign to write it up.

Vivacious – timidity is not in my book when looking for a woman. I’ve dated rabbits and I have no want to help drag them out of their hole. I’ve got a lot of energy and I want someone to match me.

Athletic & Healthy – I take care of myself as a way of loving my body, but also of the person I’m with. Time is one of the biggest things we can give to one another. Health problems only get worse and you’re in bad shape now forgetaboutit.

Physical – I’m not looking for someone to play football with. I mean PDAs. I’m really a physical person. If you don’t like to be touched, stroked, massaged. We are from two completely different planets.

Good Hair – While I do prefer long hair, I’ve dated women with short and been okay with it. However I like nice thick hair that you can run your fingers through. Also I love brushing a nice mane of hair. It’s usually my deal. Keep it long and I’ll always brush it for you.

Good Manners – while most people have them there are a few poor souls that missed the class. I couldn’t name all the forks on the table, but know what they do. However that’s not what I’m talking about. I don’t need to burping the alphabet or cursing like a sailor. I don’t even like it when my guy friends do it.

No Couch Potatoes – I don’t have cable and watch 1-2 shows a week on TV. It’s not my life and if it’s yours it’s not going to work.

Divorced – While most people would think “duh, yeah.” I mean I don’t want someone who was never married. At my age most people have a marriage under there belt and that’s a good thing. Hopefully you’ve learned what makes a relationship work and all the idealism of youth is gone.

No Young Kids – I’m not having any more kids. Any women I date I would want kids Eric’s age or older. Not going younger.

Happy – while this would seem obvious, most people are not. If they can’t be happy with themselves adding me to mix isn’t going to help. I for one don’t want to hop into that blend.

Good Kisser – I would never think to put this on my list. However I’ve dated some women that I’ve thought, “what the hell is she doing with her lips?” It’s like playing twister. Upper lip on your nose, lower lip right ear.

Intimate – I want a woman that’s shares herself with me emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I want a relationship where we can both be true to ourselves.

Sexual – Okay I’ll admit I’m a horn dog and very sexual. I’m also very monogamous. So I want a woman that really loves sex, has an open mind, is communicative, and is not looking to add someone else to the mix.

Communication – I need a woman that can talk about her feelings. Yes pick your jaw off the floor. Not just any feelings, but her feelings about me. Also about problems that will occur between us.

Smell Good – While I’ve never been with a woman that smelled bad. Some women just smell better. I’m a sucker for Suave shampoo which I think a lot of guys are. Damp hair with that smell, oh boy!

Playful – I’m a big freakin’ kid at heart. I like to play games, act silly, run around the playground. No stick in the mud.

Romantic – Again this is something I would think is a no brainer. I like opening doors for women, candle light dinners, hand holding, etc. I am very surprised to find a number of women out there not into this stuff.

Woman Commandments
1. She must have less body hair than me.
2. Can’t bench press more than me.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

MMmmm I love it when a man brushes my hair....


I love this Mike. As I was reading, I found that I had to glance over at your "About me" to see if you lived in my area!! You sound totally dateable to me! :)

Besides, I love chiropractors and was a CA for about 9 months...

I linked your post to mine. Great list!


Well thought out list, and funny. Especially that last two!


Suave? As in, Suave shampoo? That's a new one to me (albeit, yes, the scent of a woman can be important, very important, as it is for men, too).

Interesting concept to put in writing what one finds important in a potential mate, deal clinchers and deal breakers. I do believe that most of us have evolved our personal list over time. I know I have.


It's about time you wrote about this!! LOL @ how all the women came out of the woodwork. ha ha... I concur with your list but I can probably lift more than you! hahahahahahaha

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