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Good, Bad. It Doesn't Matter I'm the Guy with the Gun

When I have strong emotions sex is my drug of choice. It doesn't matter whether it's a "bad" or "good" emotion. It just needs to be strong. When I was growing up my feelings were regularly invalidated so I saw no need to have them so I stuffed them. So bumps in the road are major to me.
So a really awesome weekend with Eric coupled with the sadness about being parted hit me hard. So I'm wanting a woman today. I'm wanting sex. It was funny at my business meeting this morning. I gave them my target market since most people are amazed that I have an 80% female client base. They turned it into a single's profile of what I'm looking for.
I'm looking forward to the new James Bond movie tonight with the singles. However I have a little trepidation on tomorrow's Game night. The Photographer and Game Boy who she's dating will be there. So I'm imagining it being a little awkward, but who knows? The good thing is that a lot of people have signed up so we could be in different groups.
My birthday sushi outing has low attendance next week. I was actually dreading it since the only person who had signed up was this older guy who just never STFU. I mean he could talk to himself in an empty room. At least now someone else has signed up and hopefully more will.

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