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Sane Friends

Not the Wu Shu Finger Grip!

Everyone is telling me to chill out with the Photographer and the phone call back. So I'm chillin' at about 70 degrees. I'm not boiling, but it isn't that cool here either. I know my problem is not waiting that second month so I fully haven't reset myself for dating. However I haven't texted or called since Wednesday and I'll wait till she gets back.

Well I got half of my waiting room painted with less mess than the treatment room. The other half is going to be the pain. I have a heavy desk, book shelf, and filing cabinet to move. Well that will be tomorrow's problem. Right now I'm just letting the sweat dry so I can put some clothes on to go home and shower before Game night tonight. Besides getting a humongous drop on my arm I think I'm relatively clean. Didn't even step in that much. One of the worker's at Lowes also gave me something to hopefully get the paint off the rug.

I got a compliment from my friend Paul this morning in that most of my problems have changed to a mature adults instead of all the crazy drama I use to have years ago when we met. The funny thing was for a moment I wanted to have all that crazy stuff to still feel connected. Sometimes the insanity rears its ugly head.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Ok, catching up on the last few entries...the phone call (yeah, I'm putting my two cents in). It wouldn't of given you such a rise, if you hadn't fallen for her already. That much is obvious. I am kind of surprised she hasn't called back to at least let you know she got the message. (No, don't go gagga and worry again). Could mean she is keeping it interesting and probably knows your wondering...which means you won't soon forget her while she's gone. Just my two cents...(Hugs)Indigo

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