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Rainy Day Feelings

"I like the rain. It washes the memories away from the sidewalk of life." - Woody Allen

The rain also seems to wash away people's memories of appointments. Half the day has been rescheduled which means I'm sitting here for too many hours. With the monsoon outside I don't feel like venturing out, plus I have to be here till 10 tonight. Yes you heard that right. I have a webinar for my continuing education credits. It was suppose to be last Thursday which was great since tonight will put me to bed late for my early start tomorrow for NY. So I have one more patient then I still need to hang around till 7 for this thing to start. It better be interesting or I'm going to be playing solitaire to pass the time.

I'm hoping it's not raining hard in the morning since I don't look forward to being 10 miles out in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay on a bridge I almost went over many years ago. While I've overcome my fear of the bridge mostly since I go over it so much, I'm not cool as a cucumber either. People still go over and lightening still hits vehicles.

Well since it seems I'm going to be alone for my birthday again I scheduled an event with the singles to go out for sushi. I'm calling it our Thanksgiving and we'll see who shows up. I didn't mention it was my b-day, but it will be nice to have a social outing for it.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Happy in advance sushi birthday, Mike:) I love rain, however, I'm glad our monsoon is over. I'm taking a bus home and that's less thrilling, cold rain in the dark.


Stopped by for a view, Happy Birthday! Enjoyed the visit!!



Happy Birth*ay, Mikee. Muahhhh!!! Hope your outing is awesome.
PS... Love the rainy pic.

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