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Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus

Well after 5 long days of working on my Microsoft Outlook and having a minor glitch or two last Thursday to major problems this morning. I finally can say it's up and working. Still no operating Business Manager, but everything else works. 3 hours ago I couldn't even get it to synch with my phone. It was like the more I tried to fix the worse it got. So it stays the way it is now.

My business group got me a birthday card today which was nice of them especially since I'm the one that does them. Since I have a free birthday dinner at the Silver Dinner I'll see if anyone wants to grab something to eat before the Funny Bone tomorrow night.

I left word with Single this morning, but haven't heard anything back from her. Hopefully she will give me a call back so I can volunteer. If not I'll track something down.

I don't know what's up with military people, but they really need to give them a class on panhandling. They are such a target around here. Most likely since I usually see them reaching into their pocket for money. I think I might need to smack them upside their head and yell, "snap out if it!"

Did I say that I'm happy my Outlook works?

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I'm glad your outlook is working. Computer problems suck!

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