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Do the Locomotive

The dental visit went well and boy have they made some pretty impressive jumps in technology. The good news is that I'm not dying the bad is that I need to replace a crown and a filling besides the normal cleaning. So I'll break it up so that the bills aren't killer. I'll check when I get home to see what the insurance covers. It does help that he's right around the corner from my office.

I tell you it's one of those reschedule weeks and with next week being a holiday it's like 2 weeks later top see them. Ugh! So I have too much time on my hands especially waiting for my CCE class to start at 7 tonight.

In a monumental move I've changed over from Palm to Outlook as my database. So having the free time today isn't a bad thing. Spending 1-2 hours trying to fix my Outlook problems was a bad thing. However it's working well now and I've finally transferred everything from one system to the next. Now I just need to add all my contacts into it which is why I made the change. So I can better manage everyone I meet. While the end product will be very helpful until then it's pretty dry stuff.

Still going through some petty stuff with the Photographer in my head. Like showing off who I'm dating to her, not that I am. You know that kid kind of stuff. Here you hurt me so now I'll hurt you. Not going to do anything, but the scenario is a double feature in my head.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

It's her loss.

Attraction can be tricky. Sometimes it tricks us into playing out a scenario from the past which is best left alone or overcome.

I once read that people will unknowingly replay the relationships they had with either parent (with a current love interest) in order to fix what went wrong. But it doesn't work, not ever.


Oral hygene is such a pain and SOOOOO expensive. So anyone know WHY Dentist have the highest suicide rate? I mean, If I made $500/hr I wouldn't be so self loathing!

Chemistry, is such an amazing thing if its right...but like a good drink, too much of anything makes it "taste" funny!


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