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Sane Friends

The Visit Part 2

This visit was very different from any I've had before since we did so many new things and old habits just dropped away.
So we got up early to make Eric's soccer game finals to see who was the number one team. We got there early. My ex said be there by 9:30 so I like to be early so we were there 15 minutes early and even then no one showed up till like 9:40. Since the field is near the ocean the breeze was strong. While Eric warmed up doing laps and with us kicking the ball around the rain started. Over the next 30 minutes it became a monsoon. I couldn't believe it took them so long to cancel the game. I was already in the car because it was a torrential down pour.
After Eric grabbed a hot shower to warm back up and I dried our clothes off we headed off to McDonald's play place for lunch and his kid interaction. We didn't spend much time there and I was really surprised that he didn't want to go to the Children's museum which was our usual hang out. So I suggested we hit a few stores so he could show me what he likes for Christmas since its changing fast. Holy hell! Every parking lot we went to over the weekend was a freakin' zoo. Even out in Timbuktu it was crowded. It's one of those moments I'm glad to be out of the area.

I got some ideas, the biggest one being the Nerf blasters. However my ex is strongly against anything that resembles a gun. However I know the lead hints that Eric was dropping around the store. I've done them too. So I did text her to see what her take on it was. Still nothing so I'll probably have to keep on her about it.

With the rain stopped we stopped at a park to throw the football around and kick a ball around. Little guy things that just mean so much especially for him since he doesn't have anyone to do it with. I know how that is since I was the same way.

We did our usual Friday's dinner. We played poker and blackjack while we ate since Eric is playing with his friends. They have little differences in the rules, but it was easy to learn.
Afterwards I was surprised that Eric wanted to learn how to sew. So I taught him and he picked up really fast and can do an excellent stitch. He was very excited to teach his mom to do so since she can't.

After a few more wrestle matches we headed off to bed.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Good Looking boy, watch the time cause it will fly by fast as he grows!!!!!!! My Little one is now 39, wish he was home, I am in NY and he is in Oregon!!!!


Oh, my he's grown so much! Yes, routines and things change, simply because they grow. Sorry to hear his game got rained out, but at least the two of you have your memories.

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