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Turkey Screwing

No I'm not that hard up. My Landlord just dropped on me that he won't be around for Thanksgiving. He'll be gone most of the week. WTF! Usually he's good saying that he's not going to be around. If I didn't say anything I don't think he would have mentioned it. I think his mind's wrapped up too much in trying to get into a strippers g-string that he has the hots for. Okay I was set for a quiet time at home for my birthday, but for Thanksgiving too. I got to find something to do.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I just found your blog thru Britt's blog. Nice to meet you. I added myself as a follower.


Sorry to hear your alone for Thanksgiving and your Birthday hon. Your in my thoughts dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo


Is it hard to screw a turkey? LOL... trying to catch up with what you since I've been away...

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