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After my business coaching class today I asked the instructor about my problem with fear of change with success. He gave me some tips. The funny thing is one of them is the same my therapist gave me when I was trying to process the abuse from my childhood. I'm pretty blase about it. She said imagine if it was Eric. Now that gets a rise out of me. So that's what I was told today. Besides the benefits for me, who else would benefit? Since Eric would be the main thrust of my success ie. being able to see him more or possibly him living down here. So that stimulated me. The other idea which didn't do much for me, but I'll share was to write my obituary. It kicks people into motion by what others would think of your success.

Tomorrow I'll go to the dentist for the first time in 5 years. I really haven't kept up with it due to the cost factor, however I now have some insurance to counter act that. I know I have one cavity. My biggest thing about dentist is that I had one that did a lot of unnecessary work in my mouth and why I have had many problems in the past. So I'm always cautious getting someone new.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hope that the new dentist is good, Mike.

The imagine it was Eric thing was brilliant.


Oh, I hate the cost of things like dentists (who deserve to charge for their work, too, I know that, but it means even w/ limited dental insurance, I'm out more money then I can typically afford). Someday! I am glad you could get in, and yep, let Eric motivate you:) not sure if I care what my obituary says, but what my daughter feels and remembers.

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