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Failure to Launch

Well I called the Photographer last night, but got her message system. So I left a message asking how her weekend went and for her to give me a call. I know she's back since she RSVP'd no for tonight's movie. So that's it for me. I hit two balls across the net and if I don't get anything back I let it die. So it's in her court and we'll see what happens. Happy to say I'm good which ever way it goes.
Jeez I over did it painting this weekend. Callouses are forming and each day is a new ache or two. The bad thing is that the temperature really dropped here so I can't open the window without freezing to air the place out. Fumes aren't terrible, but my sinuses feel it after being here all day.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Sorry you have to freeze your butt off if you open the win*ow. Wish it was col* here. It is still HOT!!! grrrrrrrr

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