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Pennies From Heaven

Insurance companies by law have to pay claims within 30 days. However there are so many loop holes to get around this that it almost makes the point moot. Since I've been in Virginia I really haven't had to deal with it too much like NY. However as the economy gets worse boy are they slamming on the breaks to pay with ever lame excuse. I collected $22 this week from the insurance companies. WTF! So with no money this week I start to freak with the end of the month coming up.

The Singles group continues to amaze and annoy me in new and fascinating ways. Ortho girl, who I went to see Changeling a few weeks ago has become the new target of one nutty members. While in the events he's okay. However he's pushing the envelope with her in emails. I talked to her last night on how to handle it and his sexual innuendos. Oye I hate dealing with this crap.

One thing that still amazes me is how people won't cough up the $5/year membership. If you don't like the group or never come, no biggie. However you come to a bunch of events and as soon as they're asked for their membership fee. Poof, a disappearing act. While this isn't too bad, but I hear from members in other groups say that they're badmouthing me because I'm enforcing the fee. Holy shit! I should charge like $30/year so at least they can say I can't afford that.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Even in my worst financial moments, if I could scrounge enough to go out with people, I could usually still find $5. The guy harrassing Ortho sounds like bad news.


$5 is chump change for the group membership. I can't believe people are that much of a penny pincher. I haven't been commenting. Was delighted to see your visit with Eric went over so well. So you can sew too...What is wrong with these woman you date? Your a catch any day. (Hugs)Indigo

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