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I don't know how many of your readers remember when I use to deliver pizza for Papa Johns last year. It was a good PT job, but not as good as valet. The biggest problem being you really pound on your car delivering pizza. I use to get a lot of funny stories out of it mostly sex. You know couples that order a pizza and try to be finish before I get there. I never really understood the concept, but just don't leave me standing out there cause I'm going to leave. Now there is a darker flip side to this. The guys who want to spank the monkey between ordering and delivery. Guys put some fucking pants on. The pizza is not the same when you have to slide in sideways.

Anyway I ran into Special E last night and we caught up in pizza happenings. It seems with the economy Papa Johns decided that driving was considered a tipping job so minimum wage was no longer in order. Special E said he was losing like $15 a night with the new rules and the thought of being robbed while making $4/hr didn't work so he quit. He did tell me two of the other drivers had gotten robbed. One had even gotten pistol whipped. I was surprised since we had a pretty good area. I use to remember all the stories one of my managers retold from Ward's Corner which is a REALLY bad area. Robberies, pistol whippings, and being shot at were the norm.

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LOL @ sex stories a la Pizza.

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