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Sane Friends

The Visit Part 1

Before I left Friday my Landlord announced that it was good that the Planner and I broke up since they were talking about putting a $2-3 toll for the bridge I used. Hey it wasn't up to me, but I'll take whatever good luck I can get.

While it was only drizzly for my ride it was foggy as hell. Driving across the Chesapeake bay was a trip. I could only see 300 ft. ahead of me. I was in this tiny gray bubble and that was my world. I really couldn't see anything else. It was really wild, but I was very happy to have it clear up when I got to dry land. A few years ago I nearly collided with someone in that think kind of fog. Some idiot figured he would stop in the middle of the highway.

I tell you I wish I could blog on the road. It's too hard for me to remember everything from Friday. However I was anxious to be hanging out with my ex at Eric's soccer practice. We really haven't been stuck together since we were in court years ago. With her heinous lies I didn't really want to have anything to do with her. Now a days I have seen no change so I really have no want to have large amounts of time with her since it's all just crap coming out of her mouth.

However since it was raining on my way north I called to find out if they were still having practice. Eric said they were, but his mom was sick and could I pick him up at the house. Woohoo thank you God. However I found myself still anxious. After thinking about it for a while I realize I almost felt like I was married again. This was always how life was. My ex wasn't feeling good and I would have to come and save the day. It took a while for me to realized that it was different times.

It was great to see Eric and the hand off was a little off, but nothing to write home about. He didn't want to go to practice so we headed off to my friend Paul's place. On the ride over I asked what he was learning at school. I could hear the sigh from the driver's seat. I apologized for my question, but informed him I was doing my grown up responsibility of asking. He asked why grownup always ask. I told him we want to know what's going on in his life especially me since I don't see him that often.

We stopped by Paul's store to get the spare key. He runs a liquor store which started a conversation of drinking between us. Eric wanted to know if I drank ever since he had never seen me do so. I told him no and my reasons. I was pretty impressed with Eric's knowledge of the subject. I shared with him my beliefs on the subject. I never said he could or couldn't, but it will probably come up again.

While we were talking of many things Eric asked if he could meet my father. I told him sure if he wanted to although I hadn't spoken to him in 17-18 years. Eric knew I what my reasons were on that subject. I did ask him what brought this up. He said he knew so many people on his mom's side that he wanted to know more on mine. My side is a little harder since we are spread out more and not as close knit. However I did check to see if my Dad had re listed his number. He had unlisted it after his mom had called him after many years of estrangement. No such luck. I know where he lives however it's a long ride and my Dad's place is usually unrepresentable to kids. I should know. So surprises wouldn't work so I called and left word for my Aunt (his sister) to give me a call, but I haven't heard anything yet.

It was a big day Friday of talking so we had to cover the topic of sex. One of his friends had used the word "vagina" and he wanted to know what it was. He wanted to look it up so he asked his mom. I can't believe she told him this. She told him he could look it up when he was older. WTF! He's 9 and he has questions. Anyway he did look it up anyway and he was cautious in telling me, but he still didn't understand. So we sat down and I asked if he remembered that book I had gotten for him when he was 4 on where babies come from. He said he did, but he couldn't find it. I wonder why especially since I had gotten the older child's version with it so when he got older he would have it. So I asked him what he remembered. He remembered a lot, but none of the technical terms. So I got pen and paper and we went through it all.

I remember all the myths when I was young so we went over his. The conversation kept going back and forth. Some from embarrassment and some I think he felt he might get in trouble. The funny question was did you have to be naked to have sex. I said it helped to get to everything. Then he asked it. His face was priceless. Did you and Mom? LMAO. I said yes. We were in love and we wanted to have a baby and here you are.

It was fun to be a father something I don't get to do much anymore. I remember teaching him how to use a spoon and to color with a crayon when he was a baby. Now I'm talking about drinking and sex. LOL. I was very grateful to it all matter of factly and that he felt comfortable enough to ask me.

After many wrestling matches it was time for bed. He must be getting older. He was out cold so fast I couldn't even believe it. I thought he was faking.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Aw! Great father and son moments!! He's lucky to have you still in his life to help him through such confusing topics.


It really IS good that he felt he could ask you, even if he was a bit hesitant on some of it. I feel a child learns a bit at a time as he or she grows up -- they're not going to go from knowing what a vagina is to having sex themselves in one day, but gosh, some is basic biology and science and pet ownership stuff even. And now he knows, enough for now, and she can get pissy and blame you, but he knows. lol

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